Advancing Data Centre Chip-Level Cooling with Iceotope

Iceotope has achieved a chip-level cooling milestone up to and beyond 1000W, highlighting the importance of future-proofing the data centre industry

Leading precision liquid cooling company Iceotope has released a white paper to announce its ground-breaking achievement in chip-level cooling.

The published results in “Achieving chip cooling at 1000W and beyond with single phase Precision Liquid Cooling” showcase how single-phase liquid cooling solutions can achieve 1000W cooling, in addition to the milestone thermal performance of Precision Liquid Cooling. According to Iceotope, being able to operate beyond 1000W, the thermal performance of Precision Liquid Cooling offers a 11.4% improvement, compared to tank immersion solutions.

This announcement comes during a global increase in data centre compute demand as a result of more customers vying to deploy artificial intelligence (AI).

Increased energy demands driving cooling solutions

Iceotope highlights that it is critical for data centre operators to future-proof their infrastructure in the coming years. This new Precision Liquid Cooling that the company has undergone highlights that this solution expects to meet these new digital and sustainability challenges.

The company found, via testing its own copper, that thermal resistance remained almost constant at a given flow rate as the power was increased from 250W to 1000W. As a result, it holds high confidence that testing at 1500W will yield the same consistency - highlighting the durability of its products.

“Iceotope Precision Liquid Cooling technology has achieved an important industry milestone by demonstrating enhanced thermal performance capability compared to other competing liquid cooling technologies,” says Neil Edmunds, Vice President of Product Management at Iceotope. 

“We are confident that future testing of our standard solution at elevated power levels will demonstrate further inherent cooling capability. Iceotope is also continuing to develop new solutions which enable even higher roadmap power levels to be attained in a safe, sustainable and scalable way.” 

Reimagining data centre solutions for a digital era

As a whole, Iceotope is aiming to reimagine liquid cooling to accelerate a sustainable digital world, in addition to creating scalable and serviceable cooling solutions. The company works with its customers to better achieve their goals faster and in a sustainable way.

Using industry-standard form factors, Iceotope’s Precision Liquid Cooling solutions are designed to offer an extreme cooling performance, simpler maintenance and significant business cost reductions both inside and outside the data centre.

In June 2023, the company announced its sustainable data centre solution KUL RAN - an edge solution designed to reduce energy consumption. The product was delivered in partnership with Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise and is liquid cooled to address edge deployment challenges.

During a time of huge digital demands, the data centre industry is having to ensure that it is not producing excess energy and creating more carbon footprint. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has already forecast that global demand for electricity grew 2.2% in 2023 - a figure that is expected to effectively double between now and 2026.

With the need for more sustainable solutions rising, data centres are looking increasingly to liquid cooling as a way to combat these challenges. 


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