atNorth launches SWE01 and reveals third Iceland facility

atNorth has built SWE01 in Sweden and has also revealed the location of its new Iceland data centre which will be a sustainability-driven, 4,000sqm campus

Nordic data centre firm atNorth has launched a new data centre in Sweden and revealed the location of its third Icelandic facility. The company says the SWE01, located in Stockholm is the first data centre in Sweden designed to manage high-density workloads, including risk analysis, simulations, and artificial intelligence (AI). 

According to atNorth, the centre will be a 6,400sqm campus with an IT capacity of more than 11MW, which will increase by 4.8MW after the second phase of its buildout has been completed. The facility is expected to be complete in autumn later this year.

Stefan Jofors-aTribe, Nordic sales director, atNorth, said: “The choice of Stockholm and surrounding Sweden is strategic, with its access to renewable energy, great connectivity and an infrastructure that allows us to deliver our services with high precision to customers both in and outside the Nordic region. We are very pleased to open the gates in Kista today.

“Data-driven businesses require a new type of data centre. We will be the first colocation player in the Nordics to build a facility fully equipped for high-capacity services from the start.”

SWE01 also meets all current security and energy efficiency requirements, boasting a data hall with a capacity of 1.5MW, as well as up to 40kw per rack capacity for air-cooled IT equipment.

atNorth’s third data centre facility in Iceland 

Alongside this news, the company also announced the location of its third data centre in Iceland. The facility, spanning 4,000sqm will include six data halls and has been granted planning permission by the Akureyri Town Planning Council under 'environmentally friendly business use'.

“The choice of Akureyri is strategic, it is already a thriving high-tech hub with many technology companies in the area and the new centre will offer many job opportunities to an already excellent and talented workforce,” said atNorth’s CEO, Eyjólfur Magnús. 

“Today’s data-driven businesses require a new type of data centre. We are the first colocation player in the Nordics to build facilities fully equipped for high-capacity services from the start,” he added. 

atNorth claims it will also offer a capacity of 12mw and will be designed to operate with the lowest carbon footprint possible, with 100% renewable energy. 



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