Dell & Super Micro to support Musk’s xAI Supercomputer

Dell's server rack
Elon Musk teams up with Dell and Super Micro to build xAI's supercomputer. Dell's server racks organise servers & networking equipment in data centres

Elon Musk has partnered with Dell and Super Micro to provide the server racks to house his greatly anticipated supercomputer, for his AI startup xAI. 

Dell's server racks are designed to organise servers, networking equipment and other components in data centres. 

Dell will assemble half of the server racks for xAI's supercomputer, as confirmed by Musk on X: "Dell is assembling half of the racks that are going into the supercomputer that xAI is building." 

Complementing Dell's contribution is Super Micro Computer, a company renowned for its close ties with chip manufacturers like Nvidia and its innovative liquid-cooling technology. Super Micro's involvement was also acknowledged by Musk, highlighting the significance of their role in this potential ground-breaking project.

Data centre server racks and supercomputing

Server racks are specialised enclosures which provide a secure and optimised environment for servers, storage devices and networking equipment, ensuring efficient operation, airflow and maximising floor space utilisation.

In the realm of supercomputing, server racks play a pivotal role in accommodating the immense computational power required for training advanced AI models like xAI's Grok. 

The sheer scale of these projects necessitates tens of thousands of power-hungry AI chips, which are currently in high demand and short supply. These chips as they run, generate heat, which over time, denigrates performance and functioning of the chip.

This is amplified further, considering supercomputers can do computations thousands of times faster than most current technology. Musk is determined to build the 'world's largest supercomputer', but the challenges he may face in this venture are unprecedented.

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Dell and Super Micro strengths

Dell and Super Micro bring extensive experience and expertise to the table, having been at the forefront of providing server solutions for large-scale computing projects worldwide.

Dell has been a trusted supplier of servers and data centre infrastructure for decades, powering many of the world's largest cloud computing platforms and supercomputing facilities, such as the Frontera supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

Equally, its partnership to AI chip giant Nvidia also holds sway. Posting on X the same day as Musk’s announcement, Dell CEO Michael Dell said: “We’re building a Dell AI factory with Nvidia to power Grok for xAI Elon Musk.”

Super Micro has carved a niche as a leading provider of high-performance, energy-efficient server solutions. Their innovations in liquid cooling and blade server architectures have been widely adopted by cloud providers, enterprises, and research institutions for demanding workloads like AI and high-performance computing. Using custom liquid cooling racks and cold plates, the chips inside the server are able to be operated at a higher capacity whilst reducing hot spots on the chip, extending their ability and usability. 

In 2016, Super Micro delivered an impressive 30,000 MicroBlade servers to an unnamed Silicon Valley data centre, achieving an exceptional power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.06, showcasing their expertise in dense, power-efficient computing.

Dell Technologies has also announced that the Dell AI Factory will give customers access to the industry’s broadest AI portfolio, from data centre to the cloud. It is an open ecosystem of technology partners which will create AI applications that meet their unique needs, through a traditional purchase or as a Dell APEX subscription. 

“AI is transforming business at an unprecedented pace. Data centres must be designed from the ground up to handle AI’s speed and scale while new AI PCs are transforming productivity and collaboration,” said Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Dell Technologies. “What’s needed is new IT infrastructure and devices purpose-built to meet the specific demands of AI. The Dell AI Factory helps customers accelerate AI adoption with the world’s broadest AI portfolio and leading AI ecosystem partners, offering right-sized approaches and greater control over AI deployments on-premises, at the edge and across cloud environments.”



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