Google to invest US$9.5bn in US data centres and offices

Google says it plans to invest US$9.5bn in US offices and data centres this year, a US$2.5mn increase on last year that aims to create around 12,000 jobs

Google has increased its data centre investment plan for the US by US$2.5bn, with the company now looking to spend US9.5bn on offices and data centres in the US over the course of this year. 

The company has said in a statement that the cash injection into the facilities will create around 12,000 new jobs and focus on data centres in states such as Nebraska, Nevada, and Virginia. 

As part of the project, Google will be opening a new office in Atlanta ths year, in addition to expanding its current data centre in Storey County, Nevada. The technology firm pointed out that “It might seem counterintuitive” to step up its investment in physical offices even as we embrace more flexibility in how we work. “Yet we believe it's more important than ever to invest in our campuses,” it said.

Google enthusiastic to bring back office working following COVID-19 pandemic 

Google has been trying to bring back its employees to some of its offices in the United States, the UK and Asia Pacific by mandating working from the office for about three days a week, a step to end policies that let employees work remotely because of COVID-19 concerns.

However, the company will continue to invest in offices in its home state of California and support affordable housing initiatives in the Bay Area as part of its US$1bn housing commitment. 

Last year, the company helped provide US$617bn in economic activity for U.S. businesses, creators and developers, according to its 2021 economic impact report.


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