Physical security in data centres needs a J.A.R.V.I.S

By Margarita Miltiadous
Margarita Miltiadous, Marketing Officer at ICTS UK & Ireland, discusses data centre security and how ICTS’ new physical security technology might help

In the Marvel movies Tony Stark’s Just A Very Intelligent System (J.A.R.V.I.S) was a very advanced AI system mirroring the human brain. J.A.R.V.I.S supported Tony in everything he did including running security for Tony’s mansion and Stark Tower.

J.A.R.V.I.S helped Tony be Iron Man, one of the leaders of the Avengers, defeating notorious villains and saving the world. Unfortunately, in our universe we do not have Iron Man, in fact we don’t have any of the Avengers (not even any of the Spider-mans). When it comes to threats, we rely on our abilities as humans. However, what we do have is AI.

Physical security, AI & data centres

The problem

Historically physical security systems have been largely short-sighted and reactive. Security data is collected reactively, after an event has occurred through CCTV footage, long and complicated patrol or incident forms, or backward-looking performance monitoring. Even more comprehensive security management systems have been unable to analyse or distinguish security tasks based on importance or provide real-time information on performance or security needs.

Data centres are rapidly evolving into smarter more sustainable operations that rely on various solutions that incorporate AI. However, what is still lacking is a single security management system, incorporating AI, that is autonomous but also able to communicate with all other systems, like J.A.R.V.I.S. The focus suddenly shifts from reactive management to a proactive/predictive security management. Security reporting and monitoring needs to provide real-time data.

The human factor

Much like J.A.R.V.I.S could not substitute Tony; any AI physical security management system will not eradicate the need for security officers. As data centres become darker and emptier the need for a comprehensive yet autonomous system that supports security officers in all their activities, becomes more critical. Existing systems, however advanced, still appear to fall short. In fact, we conducted a benchmarking exercise in a total of 20 data centre operations over a period of 7 months. We observed that:

  1. A typical data centre has over 112 instances of security related human errors. Most errors were a result of a failure to understand and follow correct procedure.
  2. A typical data centre has over 300 instances of errors in all security related reporting to the client. Most of these errors were a result of different reporting methods and standards and differences in interpretation by personnel.
  3. Security personnel spend over 70 hours a month on reporting. Once again this was largely the result of multiple reporting methods and long complex forms.

ICTS’ solution

At ICTS we have closely examined security practises and developed our own solution, Viridian. Viridian brings everything you need for your physical security operations together in one single, customisable platform. AI & ML analyse and contextualise data streams to dynamically assess risk and calculate optimal service delivery paths based on live-threat data and operational activities. We incorporate into Viridian all site-specific security procedures, KPIs, and the SLA.

Viridian incorporates monitors and prioritises all security activities in real-time. It also monitors and shows real-time performance, compliance, and resilience data. The question of “how secure is your site” is no longer answered on the basis of guesswork. You can view this at any point in time on your desktop or mobile dashboard.

Viridian is a system that will effectively and efficiently provide security officers and data centres the data and support they need at any given moment. This will minimise human error, guesswork, cost and ensure more effective utilisation of time. 

We are developing Viridian into something big – our very own J.A.R.V.I.S. Don’t miss it.

Find out more here.

Discover Viridian live at ASIS Europe 2022.


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