Chile’s digital transformation driven by Huawei Cloud

Aisén Etcheverry, Chilean Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, speaking at the Huawei Cloud Summit Chile
The Huawei Cloud Summit Chile highlights the Latin American country’s digital transformation and growing economy, built on Huawei Cloud capabilities

Chile’s digital economy continues to thrive, as local enterprises and governments embrace the technology opportunity. This is enabled by Huawei Cloud, as the fastest-growing cloud vendor in Chile and the first to set up local data centres in the Latin American country.

Held in capital city Santiago, the Huawei Cloud Summit Chile brought together government representatives, experts, scholars, customers, and partners to discuss and discover innovations and best practices that can further drive digital transformation.

Aisén Etcheverry, Chilean Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, emphasised the importance of AI and cloud technology for Chile's development in her speech.

Guo Yi, CEO of Huawei Chile, said the company has been deeply engaged in Chile for two decades and has always upheld their ‘In Chile, For Chile’ commitment. 

Huawei Cloud was established in Chile in 2019 and became the first public cloud vendor to provide local data centres. With more than 400 customers, Huawei Cloud is the fastest-growing provider in Chile.

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, added that with cutting-edge innovation and industry expertise, Huawei Cloud aims to become the cloud foundation for an intelligent world. 

Huawei Cloud made its AI cloud services available in Chile in 2021, and continues to provide Chile with innovative technologies, practices, and ecosystems.

Better technologies from Huawei Cloud

Technical innovation has long been the focus of Huawei Cloud, with more than 240 cloud services and 100,000 APIs launched.

As the only founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) from Asia, Huawei Cloud continuously delivers cutting-edge cloud native services along with comprehensive products and solutions from Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, to Expertise as a Service.

At this Summit, Huawei Cloud showcased its latest achievements in cloud native, AI, big data, databases, digital content production, software development, and security governance.

These included Pangu Models 3.0 – leveraging AI for a wide range of industries including finance, manufacturing, mining, meteorology, and railway.

Huawei Cloud also delivers DataArts, a one-stop data governance pipeline to convert huge volumes of distorted data into high-quality data for better decision-making. 

GaussDB, an ultra-distributed, ultra-scalable cloud database has been widely applied in sectors like banking, insurance, securities, and energy.

MetaStudio is Huawei Cloud's one-stop digital content production pipeline. Utilising the Pangu virtual human model, MetaStudio can produce virtual humans in just three minutes.

Huawei Cloud combines software development pipeline CodeArts with the Pangu R&D model to build CodeArts Snap – an intelligent programming assistant for developers.

In terms of security, SecMaster is a well-rounded security defence system that can help Chilean enterprises with systematic construction and constant operations.

Better practices with Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud has accumulated extensive global expertise in industrial digital transformation and is now extending this to government, retail, energy, carrier, and education customers in Chile. 

Eduardo Hernandez Cansino, CTO of Huawei Cloud Latin America, shared both global and local success stories relating to digitising through ongoing cloud innovation.

In e-commerce, Huawei Cloud's solutions enhance consumer analysis and search precision by 10%, increase page loading speeds by 30%, and double resource elasticity. Chilean food retail giant SMU leveraged Huawei’s cloud native technologies to build their own e-commerce platform. SMU achieved high availability, low latency, and localised services for their 10 million customers.

In the media industry, Huawei Cloud supported the 2022 World Cup broadcast, reducing live latency from 3 seconds to 800 milliseconds, resulting in more real-time and seamless live streams. Chile's online platform Zapping TV partnered with Huawei Cloud to deliver ultra-low latency and stable streaming at lower prices.

For the communications sector, Huawei Cloud's solutions drive digital transformation, improve efficiency, accelerate innovation, and increase revenue. Teleperformance, the world's second largest provider of outsourcing customer relationship management and call centre service, adopted Huawei Cloud Workspace to elevate their service quality and bolster information security in Chile.

For the financial services sector, Huawei Cloud has streamlined the implementation of digital banking from months to days. The DataArts data governance pipeline empowers banks to combat fraud and manage risks effectively.

Huawei Cloud works with multiple Chilean government organisations on the construction of e-government clouds and unifies resource construction, application development, and data management.

In the energy industry, Huawei Cloud works closely with China's Shandong Energy Group to build a unified cloud platform and a safer working environment for miners with Pangu models, which significantly improves per capita efficiency. Huawei Cloud is poised to enable Chile's energy industry to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Building ecosystems with Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud is committed to cultivating an open global ecosystem that encourages the shared success of developers and partners. This ecosystem currently encompasses 4.6 million developers and over 10,000 offerings in KooGallery – Huawei Cloud's marketplace.

Jin Zhonglin, President of Huawei Cloud Chile, announced the GoCloud and GrowCloud collaboration frameworks designed for local partners. GoCloud aims to develop competency partners and help them build rich solutions and services on Huawei Cloud. GrowCloud enables partners to expand their customer base and grow their sales, boosting shared business success. With these solutions and services, partners can create more value for their customers. 

Huawei Cloud's partners in the carrier B2B services, education, healthcare, and government sectors in Chile have experienced significant growth. Additionally, SAP customers now benefit from a better cloud. 

Ernst & Young Chile, a premium customer of Huawei Cloud, stated that they will further integrate digital innovation technologies and achieve shared success with Huawei Cloud. They will help customers move to the cloud, use the cloud, and realise digital transformation in a more efficient manner.

Moving forward, Huawei Cloud will implement partner competency and incentive policies to empower partners with robust technical service capabilities including for migration, big data, and databases.

In keeping with its commitment to Chile's digital economy, Huawei Cloud will continue to increase local investment, enhance experiences with low latency, inject cloud excellence, and nurture the local ecosystem. A 3-AZ (availability zone) data centre is under construction, which will reduce the latency to 20 ms across Santiago and support a vast range of local cloud services with wide coverage.


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