Enabling Latin America into the future

In an exclusive interview with Marcos Peigo, Co-Founder and CEO, we get an insight into the phenomenal pace of growth that Scala is achieving

One of the factors that instantly sets Scala Data Centers apart from its competitors is the phenomenal pace of its growth, and the size of the sites that it is deploying. 

While this would be an impressive feat in any of the global data centre markets, what is particularly remarkable is that this is being achieved in one of the most notoriously underserved data centre markets – LATAM. 

Scala is scaling at real scale and, in less than three years, has grown from its starting point of 17MW in bookings to 150MW, possessing the 4th largest data centre campus in the world – the biggest in Latin America by a considerable margin – and managing a team that has grown from 32 to more than 700 employees in this short period. 

In an exclusive interview with Marcos Peigo, Co-Founder and CEO of Scala Data Centers, we find out more about the factors driving this growth and the DC provider’s ambitions for the next three years. 

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