Exclusive Video: Empowering the Hybrid IT Journey

Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer at Flexential, explores hybrid IT and the strategies and technologies driving its adoption at Data Centre LIVE 2023

At Data Centre LIVE 2023, Flexential’s Chief Innovation Officer Jason Carolan led a fireside session to show how organisations can harness the power of hybrid IT to achieve greater agility, flexibility and efficiency, and learn about the critical role that data centres play in enabling this transformation. 

With his role centering on driving next generation network-enabled technologies at Flexential, Carolan encourages other businesses to discover how to empower themselves to succeed in today's rapidly changing digital landscape. 

Carolan joined Flexential in 2011 and has held various technology and business leadership roles in product, operations and technical management, including CTO. A recognised thought leader and industry expert in distributed computing, network systems and cloud computing, he has over 25 years of experience in leadership positions in IT, system architecture, software development, and technical sales and support.

Throughout his career he has worked for the likes of VMware and Sun Microsystems, during the latter of which he was honoured as a ‘Distinguished Engineer’. 

Carolan was also a lead author of Building N1 Grid Solutions. Published in 2004, it was one of the first books highlighting the combined use of virtualisation and automation. He also has several patents in networking, data centre resource management, virtualisation, and security.

Alongside his other roles, Carolan is a member and contributor to the Wall Street Journal CIO Network and Forbes Technology Council among other positions.

Speaking at Data Centre LIVE back in May, Carolan’s keynote Empowering the Hybrid IT Journey zoned in on how organisations can harness the power of hybrid IT to achieve greater agility, flexibility and efficiency.

Empowering the Hybrid IT Journey with Jason Carolan

“It's about helping companies find the best optimal solution for their various IT workloads and dealing with different aspects like security, integration, development, resiliency, all the things that we've come to care about here in the last four or five years of really being a network focused economy and really a network focused world,” Carolan opened his keynote with.

“It's a very dynamic, fast paced environment. Technology is advancing in complexity, on a minute by minute basis. Workloads are becoming more and more distributed as we pay more attention to resiliency, but also latency and what that networking experience is like. And user expectations are higher than ever - you can't go down all the time. And the role of the IT leader has really expanded to not just being sort of behind the scenes but in the forefront in this first economy.”

He also highlighted the importance of sustainability, with Flexential one of the first to announce a green bond offering which requires electricity and water to be used in a specific way to ensure the highest levels of efficiency.

“We have a whole team really focused on the ESG journey and how sustainability plays an important role in advancing workloads,” he added

At the close of his keynote, Carolan fielded questions on the subjects of the rise in AI applications and the impact on the data centre industry and how hybrid setups could be more heavily cloud focused moving forward.

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