Exclusive Video: Predictions for the Metaverse with Kabuni

Nina Jane Patel, Co-founder and Head of Metaverse Research at Kabuni, explores predictions and use cases for the Metaverse in the data centre industry

At Data Centre LIVE 2023, Nina Jane Patel, Co-founder and Head of Metaverse Research at children’s metaverse education platform Kabuni led a keynote on the metaverse, discussing the impact the emerging technology could have on the future of digital infrastructure.

Throughout the session, Patel took attendees on a journey to discover how data centres can prepare to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the metaverse - a rapidly evolving virtual environment.

Patel, a psychotherapist and a doctoral researcher - has dedicated her career to exploring the intersection of culture, education, mental health, and technology. 

Through her work at Kabuni, Patel is dedicated to providing the safest space in the Metaverse for kids aged 8-16 to learn, grow and explore both in a classroom environment and at home - and with a deep knowledge of the metaverse, consults on proper use of the technology.

Her work as a cutting-edge thought leader has seen Patel featured in the likes of the Financial Times, CNBC, British Vogue, The Guardian, The Independent, and more.

Speaking at Data Centre LIVE back in May, Patel’s keynote Predictions for the Metaverse dived into her predictions for the Metaverse from her perspective as a thought leader on the physiological and psychological impact of the Metaverse, investigating the implications of safety, psychology and physiology of human interaction in this rapidly evolving realm.

Predictions for the Metaverse with Nina Jane Patel

With parameters for the metaverse still somewhat debated, Patel touched on the technological components of what the metaverse is and the technology required to bring it to its full fruition.

“What I find most interesting as a psychotherapist, researcher and as a mother raising children in this era is the level of change that we are embarking on in our relationship to the digital - digital, synthetic worlds and by proxy to each other,” she said.

She stressed the importance of comprehending the meaning of the metaverse and the impact of integrating it into our lives.

Patel called for users of the metaverse - whether in the data centre industry or elsewhere - to  grasp the technology's essence, and how it is essential to navigate through the current confusion and ambiguity surrounding it. 

“The metaverse offers new dimensions, new opportunities that I think we can all agree where data driven strategies can guide us towards meaningful experiences,” she added.

“And there's use cases in that much academic research showing the efficacy and the impact of virtual environments and using the data for good. So as the metaverse evolves, the 3D virtual environments will become increasingly interconnected and interoperable.”

And although an advocate for the benefits of the metaverse, she stressed that it is still in the early stages of its fruition and user adoption, and that as a whole,  we are working towards a convergence of accessing digital and physical worlds at once.

“And so I describe the need for us to plant the seeds for a metaverse with purpose,” she continued. “I don't believe that the strongest use case for the metaverse is just another platform for us to market and to advertise each other to sell each other goods. It has so much more potential then for another revenue stream.

“It has the opportunity to provide heightened experiences of where we are engaging in new, exciting ways and balancing that in our offline world as well, so that we do not create this dystopian future that we are all somewhat fearful of, but that we use it intentionally and purposefully and integrate it into the systems of society that need it most.”

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