Exclusive Video: Susanna Kass and Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable data centre leader Susanna Kass closed Data Centre LIVE with a keynote to inspire the shared journey of sustainability to a carbon-free future

Wrapping up Data Centre LIVE, Data and Sustainability Advisor and Co-Founder of InfraPrime Susanna Kass led a keynote on taking action for data centres by architecting  sustainable data centre actions that have measurable performance and a net positive impact.

Sustainable Innovation in Data Centres with Susanna Kass

Through her work with InfraPrime, Kass has aided countless organisations in achieving their carbon neutrality goals by 2028-30 through decarbonisation services and implementation of the InfraPrime Net Zero PowerShell circular energy cloud sustainability solution. 


She has a laser focus on accelerating the transition of clean energy infrastructure for the data centre industry. Kass also acts as a STEM mentor to more than 300 young people at Stanford University and undertakes further research in Sustainability Design and Circular Economy.


Kass, who boasts more than three decades of industry experience, is an esteemed inventor of sustainable data centre solutions and works tirelessly to inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders. Along with this, InfraPrime has now been chosen by the European Union for the Clean Energy Project. 


Kass’ keynote at Data Centre LIVE aimed to connect, collaborate and inspire the shared journey of sustainability to a carbon free future for people, planet and scale growth with profits. 


And Kass’ keynote also helped map out a path for the industry to be as green as possible, rallying support and momentum for the cause — highlighting that the road to net zero can only be achieved by working together.


At the start of her session, she said: “I hope to inspire you to connect, to collaborate — not to work on a problem by yourself, but really share the journey that you are taking in sustainability towards a carbon-free future and for the social benefits of our people. 


“Think 50 years from now, not just 2025 or 2030 when you reach your goal. Think of the pathway that you're going to pave for the future generation to walk on. Think about our planet in 50 years from now, that it should be better than what it is today. And how do we also scale to growth in our earth life with profit? That is extremely important as an instrument to continue to propel our success.”


Further propelling the notion that working towards net zero is a common goal that can only be reached through collaboration, she highlighted that 


“You may not need to be the first, but you can continue to actually lead the way,” she added.  Giving an example, she explained: “AWS wasn't the first to actually join the journey, but clearly the commitment is currently the first [on the agenda], along with  other pioneers such as Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Apple who are the early pioneers in terms of engaging and embracing clean energy and the carbon neutrality pledge.

“Even some of them are embracing the carbon negative pledge. They all have moved up the agenda to reach the 2025 achievement, which is extremely inspiring - and the pace is actually picking up.”

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