Elisa and Wind River to Revolutionise Telco at the Edge

Within the telco industry, increasing numbers of organisations are looking to achieve fully automated cloud infrastructure
Within the telco industry, increasing numbers of organisations are looking to achieve fully automated cloud infrastructure
A new partnership solution between Elisa, Elisa Polystar and Wind River aims to achieve a new automation milestone for telco edge data centre sites

Leading telecommunications company Elisa is partnering with mission-critical intelligent systems company Wind River to implement automation tools designed to improve network performance and the telco customer experience.

Working with pioneer in autonomous networks, Elisa Polystar, the organisations are using the Wind River Studio Conductor and the Elisa Polystar Customer Experience Assurance solution to further expand edge developments to a large scale.

Within the telco industry, increasing numbers of organisations are looking to achieve fully automated cloud infrastructure, in addition to cloud-native network functions and end-to-end-monitoring for telco edge data centre sites.

Automating telco services for operational efficiencies

Increased adoption of new technologies like AI and Internet of Things (IoT) devices has led to greater demands for data, ultimately driving the need for edge data centres. By processing data closer to the user, edge data centres can reduce the time it takes for data to travel to and from the central data centre, which suits the telco industry’s desire to improve speed and connectivity.

Both Elisa and Wind River aim to highlight the advantages of automation for network management, including efficiency, speed and improved customer experience. By combining their technology, the Studio Conductor solution aims to automate deployment in large-scale cloud environments to provide a better network experience.

Automation works to significantly reduce deployment time and human operator intervention, with examples like 80% reduction in hardware configuration auditing and human interaction times reduced by as much as 90%.

Likewise, savings of up to 70–90% can be achieved by automating the network function onboarding process, representing real improvements when embracing high levels of automation across network operations.

These types of solutions could also lead to reduced costs and more sustainable operations for data centres as a result.

Improving customer experience

Elisa Polystar will work to provide advanced network monitoring and troubleshooting. Its customer experience assurance also aims to offer advanced end-to-end visibility, network tracing and troubleshooting capabilities to provide even better customer experience.

Likewise, Elisa is aiming to further automate application lifecycle management at the edge with the goal of leading to faster deployment and better network quality for customers. These operation solutions are not only designed to better telco customer experience, but also offer more use cases for operational efficiency within edge data centres.

The companies have worked together to show that their jointly developed technology can also significantly reduce deployment time of the entire end-to-end service and operator intervention time. 

Telcos have also been looking at edge data centre solutions to improve sustainability practices. For instance, Iceotope’s KUL RAN solution was designed to help telco providers and their customers achieve net zero targets in the process, in addition to bringing data centres further to the edge.

“Elisa is driving state-of-the-art automation of our operations and edge deployments. After successfully automating edge cloud platform deployments, we are now focusing on automating lifecycle management of applications deployed at edge,” says Markus Kinnunen, Vice President, Cloud Services at Elisa. “By working with Wind River, Elisa can deliver on advanced automation to shrink time to deploy and enhance network quality.”

“Wind River Studio enables industry-unique, distributed, and edge-aware automation to ease infrastructure management, application deployment, and public cloud integration,” says Paul Miller, Chief Technology Officer at Wind River. “Together with Elisa, we continue to help service providers’ complex challenge of deploying and managing a physically distributed, ultra-low-latency cloud-native infrastructure.”

The new technology by Elisa and Wind River will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona.


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