Blockchain firm Standard Power choose NuScale for US sites

The decision to partner with NuScale comes in the midst of global consideration for how to make data centres more sustainable and considering alternative clean powers
Standard Power have procured 24 small modular reactors from NuScale for two US data centre sites in Ohio and Pennsylvania to provide cleaner energy

Standard Power has announced that it will procure power for its data centre sites in Ohio and Pennsylvania, US, with nuclear energy.

The company is working to develop two facilities backed by nearly 2GW of energy from 24 small modular reactors (SMRs) provided by NuScale Power Corporation, the only technology provider and producer of SMRs that has obtained US regulatory approval, and ENTRA1 Energy, an independent global energy development and production company.

Standard Power provides infrastructure as a service to advance data processing companies - particularly those who focus on blockchain mining and high performance computing applications. 

The decision to partner with NuScale comes in the midst of global consideration for how to make data centres more sustainable and considering alternative clean powers.

Leading in SMR technology: transitioning to a ‘sustainable energy future’

NuScale Power Corporation is an American company that designs and markets small modular reactors. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, its 50 MWe version of the design was certified by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in January 2023.

As Standard Power is aiming to use the carbon-free energy to power nearby data centres, both facilities will have SMRs provided by NuScale. The company will offer 24 units of 77MWe modules collectively producing 1,848MWe across the two locations.

Organisations like Standard Power are starting to use SMRs more frequently as a low source of carbon power. With continued global calls for data centres to invest greater into renewable energy, plenty of businesses are considering new and varied strategies to get ahead of the curve. Some advantages to SMRs include: shorter construction and installation times, reduced fuel requirements, more flexibility and can work to improve efficiencies.

In 2022, NuScale formed an exclusive global partnership with ENTRA1 Energy to commercialise its SMR Technology. Through this partnership, ENTRA1 Energy has the rights to develop, manage, own and operate energy production plants powered by NuScale’s approved SMR technology.

"ENTRA1 Energy has a strong global pipeline of energy production projects of multiple gigawatts of power generation with NuScale’s proven technology," said Clayton Scott, NuScale Chief Commercial Officer. "Together, we can more effectively meet the growing demands for renewable, carbon-free energy solutions. With power demand growing in the semiconductor, AI, data and other tech sectors, ENTRA1 and NuScale are uniquely positioned to supply baseload and reliable power."

The importance of transitioning to cleaner, carbon-free power

As an industry, it is essential for data centres to maintain and expand their focus on decarbonising the grid.

The development of a commercial SMR power facility is a key step in the sector making a transition to a sustainable energy future. It will not only help technology data centres achieve carbon reduction targets, but will also support the development of new clean energy sources to meet energy transition needs. 

NuScale has stated that using certified SMR technology in power plant facilities can provide flexibility for utilities, business organisations and governments looking to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining efficient baseload power.

"NuScale is excited to work with our strategic partner ENTRA1 to help deliver our cost-competitive and safe SMR technology to meet Standard Power’s carbon-free energy needs," says John Hopkins, NuScale President and Chief Executive Officer. 

"By deploying our innovative NuScale SMR Technology to more consumers around the world, we’re taking an important step toward addressing the world’s enormous decarbonisation needs."


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