Colt, Console Connect extend automated network coverage

Colt Technology Services and Console Connect are extending automated network coverage through integrating API into SDN platforms

Colt Technology Services, a leading provider of agile, high bandwidth connectivity solutions, is partnering with application platform Console Connect to extend automated network coverage through API integration.  

The two companies have announced completed the first stage of major API-led interoperability between their global on-demand SDN platforms. The two platforms aim to enable enterprises to benefit from on-demand, agile networking and interconnect directly to clouds, data centres and business partners across both private networks.

The APIs will also aim to enable seamless quoting, ordering and provisioning on-demand services between two high-performance networks in real-time.

Console Connect to “reach new data centre locations” with the two SDN-enabled platforms 


As part of the initial integration of the two SDN-enabled platforms, Console Connect will be able to extend its automated platform reach into new data centre locations across the UK, with plans to expand to more enterprise locations and metro areas throughout Europe, leveraging the speed and performance of the Colt IQ Network. This enables Console Connect users to instantly provision and pay for dedicated Layer 2 services between two networks using a single portal.

The collaboration demonstrates Console Connect and Colt’s mutual commitment to end-to-end automation and recognises the need for increased interoperability and collaboration to orchestrate connectivity among networks.

Marc Halbfinger, CEO of Console Connect, said: “APIs are crucial for the advancement and settlement of automated network services and enable carriers to work together in new and innovative ways. We are honored to work closely with Colt – a partner with whom we share a vision of a fully automated and on-demand future.”

Keri Gilder, CEO of Colt Technology Services, said: “Working with Console Connect, we’re pioneering the use of APIs within intelligent networking and to provide agile, on-demand, high bandwidth connectivity solutions to more enterprises across the world. 

“APIs continue to be a major focus area in our industry, and our collaboration will help us to continue to transform the way businesses interact with each other and how they provide value to their customers by optimising automation, improving collaboration, simplifying innovation and enhancing security," she added.

Further stages of the API integration will include extending the automated reach of Colt’s On Demand platform to more global markets using Console Connect’s extensive, high-performance network.



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