RNT brings ransomware protection to sub-100TB companies

RNT has released two new storage appliances to provide ransomware protection to companies with less than 100 terabytes of data capacity

German Server and storage solution provider RNT has announced two new series of plug & play storage appliances that provide full enterprise-grade ransomware protection to organisations with data capacities of less than 100TB, powered by Cloudian HyperStore object storage software. 

According to the company the appliances, launched under the name Yowie, feature data immutability for on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, preventing cybercriminals from encrypting data and enabling quick recovery in the event of a ransomware attack without paying ransom.

“Data is the lifeblood of any company and whether the amount of data is big or small doesn't matter. By pairing our expertise with Cloudian, RNT can now deliver an enterprise-grade turnkey solution at entry-level storage cost that finally provides ransomware protection for all and provides SMBs and SMEs with a lot of other valuable benefits that are no longer exclusive to the enterprise”, said Sebastian Nölting, CEO of RNT.

“Traditional ransomware defences such as anti-malware software and anti-phishing training have proven ineffective against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks,” said Neil Stobart, Vice President, Global Systems Engineering, at Cloudian. “Having an immutable data backup ensures users can quickly and easily resume operations after a ransomware attack. Our partnership with RNT brings the benefits of this technology to more organisations across Europe and provides new opportunities for resellers to grow their business.”  

With this solution SME customers can benefit from a "cluster in a box" that provides cloud-like capabilities and a rich feature set for data durability and protection, RNT claims.  The appliances also prevent encryption or deletion of objects for the duration of a user-defined retention period. Immutable S3 objects are protected by configuring WORM and retention attributes at the object or bucket level, RNT said in a statement. 

What is Yowie and how does it help RNT develop innovative storage solutions? 

Yowie is an all-in-one storage appliance family and an intelligent re-design of enterprise-grade standard components to prevent data loss and to enable a quick recovery in case of a disaster, like a ransomware attack, power outage or a natural catastrophe. 

RNT’s mission to develop innovative storage solutions is particularly evident in Yowie. The ready-to-go appliance family is setting new standards and easily replaces the complex siloed architectures of the past. 

The new entry level model of the Yowie appliance family starts with a capacity of only 2TB. The Yowie 1100-series are single node appliances with two disks but no built-in redundancy. "It's an ideal, affordable, on-premises device for branch offices or remote working locations that are regularly synchronising to an external data store," RNT said. 



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