Dawn of the data centre: A look ahead to 2024

Data Centre Magazine takes a look at the upcoming content plan for 2024
Data Centre Magazine takes a look at the upcoming content plan for 2024
With 2023 coming to an end Data Centre Magazine explores the upcoming content plan for the year, highlighting the key aspects you can expect to see in 2024

2023 has been a year of growth, evolution, and challenges for the data centre industry. There was record-breaking demand for data storage and processing, driven by factors such as AI, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and hyperscale data centres saw significant expansion, leading to decreased leasing availability in key markets.

There was an increased focus on edge computing, bringing data processing closer to users for faster response times, as well as the adoption of innovative cooling methods like liquid immersion to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. More and more, there was an exploration of sustainable solutions like underwater data centres to reduce environmental impact.

Following a successful year for the industry in 2023, Data Centre Magazine has created its 2024 content plan to provide insightful perspectives that will appeal to both enthusiasts and industry professionals.

What can we expect to see?

Join us throughout the year as we uncover the latest trends, speak with leading data centre professionals, and explore the environmental impacts of the industry.


As we enter the new year, Data Centre Magazine will be exploring industry strategies, reflecting the growing emphasis on sustainability and the integration of advanced technologies. In response to the escalating concerns about environmental impact, we will explore how DC operators are embracing green initiatives, with the focus not only on optimising energy efficiency but also on transitioning towards renewable energy sources. 

The magazine will also look at generative AI (GenAI), and how data centres are adapting and incorporating AI-driven solutions into their business practices, driving the industry towards greater automation and intelligence.


This month’s magazine will centre around DC hyperscalers, cloud services, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Hyperscalers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, dominate the data centre space with massive infrastructures that provide scalable computing power, storage, and services on demand. These facilities are the backbone of the cloud, enabling businesses and individuals to access and deploy applications, store data, and harness the potential of big data analytics.

The energy consumption of hyperscale data centres is significant, therefore Data Centre Magazine will address some of the ESG considerations that have become a focal point for both industry leaders and investors, emphasising the importance of sustainable practices in technology.


As the year kickstarted with a look at DC strategies, this month we will take a look at energy strategies with a focus on optimising energy consumption and efficiency to address environmental concerns and reduce operational costs. Along the same lines, we will take a look at the top 10 sustainable data centres, touching upon their various approaches and what they are doing to ensure a more sustainable future. 

This month we will also explore the increasing demand for data processing and communication services in the area of cloud and 5G, taking a look at some of the providers and telecommunications companies that are exploring innovative solutions to improve connectivity.


In this edition, we will be taking a look at how power and cooling systems are critical in the operation of data centres. As data centres are power-intensive, they demand substantial energy to support the computing infrastructure and optimising power usage effectiveness (PUE) has become a priority.

We will touch upon enterprise data centres, which serve as the backbone for organisations' IT operations. Through insightful interviews, we will explore how this often involves strategic planning, including server consolidation, virtualisation, and the use of energy-efficient hardware.

This month will also highlight some of the top data centre consultants in the industry, highlighting some of their key contributions and the value that they bring to the field. 


2023 was a year of significant growth for the data centre industry, so this month we will take a look at some of the biggest data centres to date and the impact that they are having on the industry.

As well as this, Data Centre Magazine’s focus will extend to the topic of achieving future zero emissions in the area of sustainability. We will delve into the critical importance of a shared commitment to mitigating the environmental footprint of these vital infrastructures. This edition will also centre around cloud computing and 5G technologies, examining innovative cloud solutions that contribute to this sustainability goal.


Rounding the year off, December’s Data Centre Magazine will take a look at the design and build of data centres, which is a meticulous process that goes beyond physical infrastructure to encompass efficiency, scalability, and environmental impact. The emphasis is on creating future-proof structures that can accommodate evolving technologies and increased data processing demands.

This edition will also take a look at supply chain sustainability, with the aim being to create a supply chain that aligns with sustainable practices, supporting the broader commitment to reduce the ecological footprint of data centre operations.

Lastly, Data Centre Magazine will delve into the field of cybersecurity. Data centres are a fortress of digital information, therefore robust security protocols and measures to safeguard against cyber threats and unauthorised access are crucial. 

The future of data centres in 2024

The future of data centres promises a vibrant landscape, filled with innovation, efficiency, and resilience. As we move into the new year, some key trends we can expect to see unfold will be the rise of the hybrid edge, AI-powered optimisation, and a greater focus on sustainability. 

New developments can and will emerge rapidly, and what's certain is that these technological hubs will continue to play a pivotal role in our increasingly digital world, adapting and evolving to meet the ever-growing demands of a data-driven future.


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