I.T Articles

Data Centre LIVE: Data Centres & The Impact of Generative AI

Speaking at Data Centre LIVE (May 17, 2023), Michael Ortiz, CEO at Layer 9 Data Centers discusses the impact of generative AI on the data centre industry

Data Centre LIVE: Discover The Multi-Cloud with VMware

Speaking at Data Centre LIVE, Vittorio Viarengo, Vice President Cross-Cloud Services, VMware deep dives into the multi-cloud and the benefits it promises

Onnec appoints new CEO

Philippe Huinck has been announced as Onnec’s new CEO, replacing Barry Horgan, who will remain as Chairman. Jakob Møller-Jensen will become Deputy Chairman

Navigating risk in the era of artificial intelligence

Tim Wright, partner at Fladgate LLP discusses how the growing adoption of AI has impacted data centres and how to manage these risks more effectively.

Liquid Cooled HPC helping fight an environmental crisis

Hullbot is utilising engineroom’s HPC extensive expertise to manage a “fire hose of data” as they develop their fleet of autonomous submarine robots

Deploying AI in data centre CX drives

We explore how data centres are utilising AI technologies to not only improve customer experience, but also to boost providers’ profitability


Diamonds are forever to change Amazon's quantum networks

De Beers' Element Six will make artificial diamonds for AWS'quantum computers, supporting quantum repeaters for better security and communication


Riken institute launches Japan's first quantum computer

The quantum computer developed by Riken achieved the successful linking of two remote qubits, taking quantum computation to the next level in the region