Mexico's new digital airport advances aviation

Mexico's aviation advances with Aeropuerto Internacional Felipe Ángeles, boasting Huawei's cutting-edge FusionModule2000 for a sustainable data centre

Mexico has taken a major step forward in the aviation industry with the construction of its new digital airport, Aeropuerto Internacional Felipe Ángeles (AIFA). The airport, which is located just outside of Mexico City, is one of the most technologically advanced airports in the world.

A crucial part of AIFA’s operations is the construction of a data centre. To meet the growing demands of passengers and the ever-evolving aviation safety standards, AIFA has implemented Huawei's intelligent modular DC solution, FusionModule2000, to establish a secure and dependable DC.

The Huawei smart modular DC is a prefabricated data centre, designed to be easy to deploy, expand, and maintain. It is also highly energy efficient, which is vitally important for an airport committed to sustainability.

A pioneer in the data centre sector 

In a blog by Huawei, ‘the FusionModule2000 is a one-stop solution for small and medium-sized DCs. It features simplicity and strong building adaptability. Compared with traditional solutions, the FusionModule2000 lowers the requirements for deployment conditions such as room height, enabling enterprises to better deploy on demand and expand capacity flexibly.’

The use of a smart modular data centre has contributed towards making AIFA one of the most efficient and sustainable airports in the world and is expected to save millions of dollars in energy costs over its lifetime.

The AIFA DC project was constructed in three months; a 30% reduction in delivery time compared to conventional methods. Its compact size, 60% smaller than traditional DCs, contributes to a 30% reduction in operational expenses (OPEX) and a 25% drop in power usage effectiveness (PUE). The data centre's exceptional safety and reliability ensure it can meet the escalating demands of passengers and the ever-evolving aviation safety standards.

Constructing a low-carbon data centre

The FusionModule2000 seamlessly integrates the cooling system, cabinets, aisles, cabling system, and monitoring system into a single prefabricated module. This innovative approach revolutionises data centre deployment, offering a multitude of benefits.

Traditional DCs without cold and hot aisle containment suffer from disorganised airflow, leading to potential hot spots. The AIFA project implements an in-row cooling system with CAC (cold aisle containment) and in-row precision air conditioners to enhance cooling efficiency by providing close-coupled cooling for IT equipment and eliminating hot spots. 

The power system is the heart of a data centre, providing stable and strong power for its continuous operation. The AIFA data centre deploys Huawei's ultra-high-density modular UPSs, which are designed to prevent single points of failure and utilise AI technologies for predictive maintenance. Huawei's smart lithium battery solution, SmartLi, ensures safe operation. 

Huawei's smart modular data centre solution, equipped with the NetEco intelligent management system, provides comprehensive real-time monitoring, from temperature and humidity sensors to water leakage detection, UPS and battery status monitoring, and air conditioner performance analysis.

The partnership between AIFA and Huawei has set a high standard for airport digital transformation around the globe. As airports assume an increasingly critical role in bridging connections globally, digital transformation empowers them to effectively address growing security challenges, manage surging passenger traffic, and elevate operational efficiency and service quality.


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